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We need to adapt our training to improve health and safety by adopting new initiatives

August 21, 2013

ISQEM safety training

Is it not time that we start to change how we approach health and safety training, in order to make it more viable to businesses?

We all know that In financial hard times, one of the first to be identified in a cost-cutting exercise is the safety training functions across all industry’s. Regardless of legal requirements many companies will still take a calculated gamble and try to avoid as much as possible putting any of their staff on safety training courses.

While a large number of national and international blue-chip organisation have fully integrated training programmes for their staff, this normally falls by the wayside due to staff reductions and the need to reduce no-productive activities. This is a short-sighted approach that normally ends up with negative repercussions in the medium to long-term future of a business.

ISQEM launched an initiative called SEP to help improve the efficiency of health and safety training and ultimately improve productivity and performance of stakeholders including suppliers, manufacturers, and subcontractors. By adopting efficient lean management practices into safety training that can be delivered in a cost effect manner, but in addition help stream line an operational task to bring value added business improvements and functional task benefits.

By adopting a training initiative such as the Safety Efficiency Programme (SEP) which can provide an organisation with a structured lean management approach to ensuring health and safety training actually meets all stakeholders requirements. We see this programme as a world-class initiative and an integral part of ISQEM long-term strategy. That can also support and benefit companies worldwide who are looking for best value and demonstrable commitment to safety with continual improvement and logical skills development of employees.

Health and safety compliance and performance has to be a value and benefit for everyone regardless of what industry people may work in, from construction, offices to building and facilities management. Incident prevention must be maintained and workers must receive the right training, guidance and support to complete their work safely.

Health and safety training and business efficiency has to be the top 2 critical issues for everyone in industry today

There is no doubt that when an organisation is committed to investing in training they look for a sustainable collaborative strategy that works from top to bottom, creating benefits across the whole business environment. ISQEM have made a considerable financial and resource investment for ensuring the SEP scheme meets demands of present industry requirements for cost savings,practicability, on-going improvement, and ease of use. So if you looking at saving both time and money the SEP initiative can help you contribute to the long-term future of your business.

One thing for sure the future of staff training in particular health and safety needs to change now, if it is to combat the challenges of both industry and employee demands and expectations.

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    Sound very interesting, could we ahve more information for better understanding……….

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