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So you want to be Safety Blogger

September 1, 2013

safety blogger ISQEM

01 September 2013

Nowadays anybody can establish and run a safety blog on the internet. There has definitely been an increase over the last 3 to 5 years for businesses and private bloggers to use the internet to promote themselves, share experiences, and build relationships. But what exactly makes an interesting safety blog post? Let us take a look at some general aspects that will help people make a great blog post.

Be Original in you subject matter

Now we all know that originality is the holy grail of blogging and in safety blogs that is without doubt the most important aspect of any post. It is evident that everyone needs to read up and research a topic before posting content in a blog. Although a very informal tone is often used for writing safety blogs, one still needs to ensure that the posts are professional written and based on good safety research or personal work based experiences. Remember the main reasons people visit safety blogs is to learn new techniques or explore different approaches to managing health and safety.

Content of a Safety Blog Posting

We have all heard it many times that content is King. Your blog site depends on readers returning and promoting your site for you, so every effort should be made to make the safety post as interesting and engaging as possible. When it comes to blog subjects it’s best to keep off any controversy, especially the political, religious or moral subject matters. Remember we are talking about safety blogs so no need to wind people up or make personal attacks.

What Language should you use?

Blogs can be written in any language but still the most common used language on the Internet and in the business world remains English. Therefore, the emphasis is not in terms of which language is suitable for writing the safety blog but rather in terms of using simple everyday English words. Remember 400 – 700 words are ideal for a blog posting.


The heart and soul of a safety blog comes down to the way it is presented. It is important to attract your readers and keep their attention. The first thing they will notice is you post title, so make sure it is an attention grabber. Also in order to make a good presentation the post should be readable and therefore using the right font style and size is vital. In addition consider the use of safety graphics or images which can help emphasize the topic of the post.

Submitting you Safety Posting

Make sure that any posts you submit to sites are written in your own words, as plagiarism is always frowned upon. If you do use someone else’s comments or blog posting always make sure that you give reference and links back to the original author.


Keep on blogging everyone.

  1. The most important thing is to keep going – there are hundreds of safety blogs out there that started strong then stopped posting after half a dozen posts and when their owners obviously lost interest or inspiration

  2. Keep it fresh. Keep it original. provoke thought. Don’t just flog a product.

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