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What would you like to see discussed on a Safety, Quality, and Environmental blog ?

September 29, 2013

Safety Quality Environmental Blog







Sometimes just getting the right mix of safety, quality or environmental subjects on to a blog is a challenge for people. So the question is what you like to see, and what would inspire you to follow and read the articles or papers that are posted on this blog.

Now we all know that safety, quality or environment issues are dependent on the type of business you may be running or involved in. However each  industry has different consequences if you’re doing business with companies (B2B) or within the consumer market (B2C) particularly where your customers include members of the public, for instance tourism, entertainment or shopping malls etc.

So we can see that general safety, quality and environmental topics we can promote and discuss are vast in subject matter and equal as diverse in industry sectors. The challenges that are faced by many OHS or HSE blogs are either to concentrate on a specific industry typically construction or mining, or delve into quite unique and trade orientated skills sets.

What we have decided is that the best approach is to split our blog into several clear sectors that can be referenced by people who visit so they can find and read relevant articles that have been posted.

The Top 10 Headings

  1. Leadership and Management Skills
  2. Construction Safety
  3. Mining Safety
  4. Manufacturing and Industrial
  5. Office Safety
  6. Oil and Gas Industry
  7. Building / Facilities Management
  8. Training
  9. Presentations
  10. Weird and Wonderful

What we hope to accomplish by presenting a blog in this format is to cultivate the knowledge and experiences of our contributors and writer’s. This allows us to share with the occupational health and safety, quality and environmental professional community and the general public. Plus it will generate a true library and resource of quality articles and documents.

One of the key rules that have to be followed is that the material must pass a quality check on its suitability to be included within a blog. From a quality control approach we can ensure that items posted are of the standards expected of readers and online followers.  The following 3 rules apply to every item submitted by a blogger:

  1. It must be a unique article, report, document or presentation never published before online.
  2. We only accept items that are relevant to the safety, quality or environmental professions and can assist in knowledge sharing or development of personal management skills
  3. Any document must be at least 400 words and written in the English language.

Now we know that authors are the success and failure of any blog. So we welcome interesting and experienced bloggers to submit their articles for publishing to  and it will be reviewed and if acceptable we will inform you. Just to make sure that people are credited we will be adding a free writers introduction page including a link back to their own website so they have exposure in the world of safety, quality and environment management.

The ISQEM blog will be updated into the new format over the next week, so make sure you visit to see the changes.

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