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Safety Management Acronyms

October 6, 2013

In many countries and even within specific industries sectors there are distinct acronyms connected and adopted within safety management.  However from an international perspective, there is a tendency to use common acronyms in order to align safety terminology and management approach.   

Below are some common acronyms that we can often come across in industries from construction, facilities, manufacturing and office environments.

JSA         Job Safety Analysis

OHSMS Occupational Health and Safety Management System

OSP        Operational Safety Procedure

PPE        Personal Protective Equipment

PTW       Permit to Work

QRA       Quantified Risk Assessment

RA          Risk Assessment

RA          Risk Analysis

RSA        Risk Safety Analysis

SHEM    Safety Health Environmental Management

SHEQM  Safety Health Environment Quality Manual

 Accident / Incident Data Statistical Acronyms

In addition acronyms are also commonly used in collating accident and incident data, or statistical formulas.  For example:

LTA         Lost Time Accident

LTAR      Lost Time Accident Rate

LTFR       Lost Time Frequency Rate

LTI          Lost Time Injury

LTIFR     Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate

LTIR        Lost Time Injury Rate

LTISR     Lost Time Injury Severity Rate

RMI        Reportable Medical Incident

MTC       Medical Treatment Case

NM        Near Miss

As we can see from the above there are numerous acronyms that can be used, many of which can also cause confusion with both safety and no-safety practitioners.  So in order to communicate effectively it is vital that you keep the use of acronyms to a minimum within any company.

Nether go down the path of creating acronyms for the sake of it, all it will do is confuse and devalue what you are trying to communicate.  From an operational point of view it is always advisable to keep to your industry norms.  

Remember sometimes the meaning of an acronym can change due to societal usage for example;  BFF used to be well known as standing for “Business Financial Forecast” nowadays it’s more commonly associated with the term “Best Friends Forever” due to the world of mobile texting.  So beware any acronym you use today maybe turnout to have a totally different meaning in the future.

I have attached below as a PDF document  download , a copy of a ISQEM course handout which contains a full list of 75 safety management and 48 accident /incident acronyms . 

ISQEM Safety Management Acronyms Handout No 8

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    Hi, sure everyone will throw in pennies worth, but for UK Emergency Services, RTA now known as Road Traffic Collisions – RTC’s

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    Thanks Wayne. In short is people like you we need in Safety Profession. You have passion for safety and you are highly impacting knowledge to your followers. Yes, the acronyms will go along way and will reduce stress of typing in the industry and messages passed across fast.

  6. Thank you everyone for the comments. It is always appreciated to hear from people who visit our blog, We hope you continue to come back and enjoy our future articles and free downloads.

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  8. HPTW Hot Permit to Work

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