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A selection of well-known Safety Slogans

June 11, 2014

Here are 100 safety slogans that you can use on posters, training slides and HSE briefings. Always remember its best to keep the use of slogans to a minimum and not to change them too often. Plus where possible use them with a graphic or photograph so people can relate to the message you are trying to convey.

  1. A wound neglected is a wound infected
  2. Accident prevention – Your No. 1 intention
  3. Accidents don’t just happen
  4. Always think safety no matter what the task
  5. Be a safety hero – score an accident zero
  6. Be aware – Take care
  7. Be aware of slips and trips
  8. Be safe to survive
  9. Be sure be safe
  10. Before you start be safety smart
  11. Better to be Safe Today than Dead Tomorrow
  12. Better to lock out than luck out
  13. B-Safe
  14. Check for safety then recheck
  15. Dead or alive, your choice
  16. Do the do’s not the don’t s
  17. Don’t fix the blame, fix the problem
  18. Don’t get caught in the web of unsafe acts
  19. Don’t get caught with your guard off – it could be disarming
  20. Even in a hi-tech world your eyes are still your greatest asset
  21. Everyone plays their part in safety
  22. Failing to prepare = Prepare to fail
  23. Get the safety habit
  24. Have you an eye for safety or are you blinded by bad habits
  25. Hear to-day gone tomorrow – use you hearing protection
  26. Hearing protection is a sound investment
  27. Horseplay is one way to have an accident
  28. If an accident is predictable its preventable
  29. If you are aware of it, take care of it
  30. It’s better to correct an unsafe friend than to bury one
  31. Know safety – No injury, No safety – Know injury
  32. Lifting’s a breeze when you bend at the knees
  33. Make safety a reality and don’t be a fatality
  34. Never forget about safety
  35. Never gamble with Safety
  36. Never give safety a day off
  37. No Safety – Know Pain, Know Safety – No Pain
  38. Normal speed meets every need
  39. One life one chance
  40. One mistake is all it takes
  41. One safe act can lead to another
  42. Only a fool believes safety is a waste of time
  43. Play it safe
  44. Remember its PPE not DOA (Dead on Arrival)
  45. Remember your family, they depend on your safety
  46. Risk – is it worth it?
  47. Risk is one thing you should never take
  48. Safety – a good friend to take home
  49. Safety – everyone’s full-time job
  50. Safety – it’s in your hands
  51. Safety – it’s your friend for LIFE
  52. Safety – Live with it
  53. Safety a way of life
  54. Safety awareness saves lives
  55. Safety begins with No. 1
  56. Safety begins with teamwork
  57. Safety begins with you
  58. Safety comes before schedule only in the dictionary
  59. Safety comes in a can, I can, You can, We can be safe
  60. Safety First
  61. Safety Glasses – All in favour say EYE
  62. Safety has no time out
  63. Safety in – we win
  64. Safety is a full-time job – don’t make it a part-time practice
  65. Safety is a state of mind – Accidents are an absence of mind
  66. Safety is a way of life
  67. Safety is as simple as ABC – Always Be Careful
  68. Safety is free use it generously
  69. Safety is no accident
  70. Safety is our business too
  71. Safety is our goal what’s yours?
  72. Safety is success by purpose – Not Accident
  73. Safety records don’t happen by accident
  74. Shortcuts cut life short
  75. Speak up for safety
  76. Stand up for safety
  77. Stop accidents before they stop you
  78. Stop unsafe acts now
  79. Stop! Think! Then Act!
  80. Success is no accident
  81. Team up to safety
  82. The chance taker is the accident maker
  83. The goal must be zero accidents
  84. Think positive an accident is only an attitude away
  85. Think safety and avoid unsafe acts
  86. To avoid a scene keep your workplace clean
  87. Watch your step – it could be your last
  88. We all depend on each other when it comes to safety
  89. We need you – work safely
  90. When in doubt get out
  91. When you gamble with safety you bet your life
  92. Work safely to-day and every day
  93. You can make a difference
  94. You will achieve the level of safety excellence that you demonstrate you want
  95. Your health is your greatest wealth
  96. Zero compromise towards safety
  97. Zero Hazards Zero Harm
  98. Zero in on safety
  99. Zero risk zero harm
  100. Zero tolerance on safety
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  1. Some good safety slogans here

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