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Coming Soon a Great Training Opportunity for EHS Professionals, be the next generation of high earners

October 1, 2015
Certified Training Isqem

Certified Training ISQEM













Check back soon as we will be announcing one of the greatest opportunities for EHS professionals in EHS training. We will be offering the world first complete certified international training programme that will allow you to be one of the top professionals in industry. We know that the majority of  training that is offered by others has missed the mark in getting the recognition we all deserve, now its about to change.  Make sure you come back soon or email us at  if you would like information on the greatest opportunity to improve your career you will ever see.

Don’t miss this opportunity as it only comes around once in a life time. If you want to be a high earner then the you need to learn from those that earn 6 figure salaries and gain that advantage . You will learn the secrets of the profession that have never been shared before on how to get to the top.

Email:  quoting EHSPRO in your email heading.


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  1. 4 Weeks to go and it will be time to start a new journey in HSE

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