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Safety ToolBox Talks

ISQEM Free Safety Toolbox Talks

At the request of many of our blog visitors and ISQEM members we will be adding safety toolbox talks on a weekly basis to this page. So make sure you visit us on a weekly and download our talks. The talks will also be suitable for using as posters on OHS notice board so you can communicate effectively to employees.

Due to the different legislative standards across the world we have not included any legislative referencing. However it will be easy for you to add local OHS legal information directly yourself if required.

  1. Eric Darius Nzouekeu permalink

    you welcom

  2. Abdul permalink

    it is a great idea, but when it will starts.

  3. Cesar permalink

    It is great idea, I am agree and I will contribute with Mexican Safety

  4. VS Mathur permalink

    Great thinking.
    Spreading knowledge always helps mankind to improve the quality of life.
    VS Mathur

  5. Toolbox Talks will be uploaded in November, So make sure you visit soon.

  6. salako permalink

    Great Idea.

  7. Kelvin permalink


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